Student Monitoring System

 Student Monitoring System

Student Monitoring System


Objectives of the Practice

  1. To provide better guidance and support to students’ needs.
  2. To provide a mentoring system to build the overall personality of the student, who can contribute to nation-building activities.
  3. To create an informal association between mentor and mentee
  4. To work in coordination with the parents towards the development of the students.

The Context

The mentor system is an initiative wherein Teachers are designated as Class Sponsors for a smaller group of students to get quantitative data about the students, to help them know the college and activities of the college, and to receive feedback from mentees to make more meaningful decisions in future for students.

Also, some students require special counseling, they get a platform to discuss their problems with the coordinator and sponsor, accordingly, they are directed and given guidance.

The Practice

This practice has been an integrated part of the college activities since its inception. Student receives proper guidance and directives as soon as they join the college by their respective Class Sponsor. Usually, two formal meetings (after the completion of the mid-semester exam) in a year are arranged by the Class Sponsor wherein the student’s performance, academic and nonacademic performance, their attendance, and general behavior in the college has been discussed with the parents. Also, the parents are being given complete detail about the conduct of the college. In the next semester, another meeting with the students is planned to know their problems, evaluate their performance, and ask suggestions for improving college facilities and functioning. The mentor looks at the attendance and performance of the individual student and suitable measures are taken. Parents are intimated about their ward’s performance and separate parent meetings are held in chronic cases to report. At the same time, advanced learners are advised to take up projects/ internships, while weak academic performers are instructed to participate in remedial classes conducted for them. Students are also encouraged to participate in different co-curricular activities like inter-college and intra-college events, by the Class sponsors. In short, the Class Sponsors thrive towards the holistic development of each student.

Evidence of Success

This is an ongoing process for the student in his/her three years (six semesters) duration in the college. The outcomes of this process can be evaluated both objectively and subjectively. For most students, the academic progression has seen an upward trajectory suggesting better performance every year. Examples of students can be cited wherein the progress has been phenomenal. Students grow in their values and a better understanding of the subjects.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Time to undertake this activity is an important factor for both the mentor and mentee to make the best of this process. With fixed meeting schedules every semester this factor is taken care but the number of students (approx 50-60) in large classes becomes a difficult task for a mentor to have a stronghold over the students’ performance per se.