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  • B-Plan competition

    B-Plan competition was been conducted by the club on 20th August 2018 at 9:00 am in conference hall. There were total 6 teams comprising of 4 members in team and 7 individual participants. The participants had to come up with a viable business plan which can be
    implemented in the college for the Incubation program.

    The judgement criteria for the competition were:

    • 1. Clarity with the complete business plan
    • 2. Financial feasibility
    • 3. Operational & technology viability
    • 4. Marketing opportunities & competition
    • 5. Overall usefulness and quality of the business plan.

    All the participants were given marks out of 10 for each criterion and finally the total was taken. The individual /team scoring highest marks were accordingly given first, second and third prizes. The first prize winner would get Rs. 5000 cash prize, the second prize- Rs. 3000 and third prize- Rs. 2000.

    Conclusion: The competition successfully got completed at around 2:00 pm. The winners were declared on the spot they are:

    • 1st Prize- Ms. Mahima Jain - Rs. 5000/-
    • 2nd Prize- Mr. Kahaan Bhandari – Rs. 3000/-
    • 3rd Prize- Ms. Anushka Baweja.

    ACKWLEDGEMENT: Any event is impossible without volunteers, who work at the backstage tirelessly for the event's success.

    List of volunteers:

    • 1. Maharsh Doriwala
    • 2. Mahima Tulsiyani
    • 3. Aayushi Jain
    • 4. Mridul Baid
    • 5. Mayank
    • 6. Shweta Dhandha
    • 7. Shivani Senghani
    • 8. Nishika Bajaj
    • 9. Divya Gandhi
    • 10. Jhanvi
    • 11. Anjali

    Name and contact details of the person who wrote the report: Ms. Shiva
    Gautam (08980610859)

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